We have 300 m2 of offices, a Show Room with our finished equipment and our Refurbishing Center, 2.000 m2 where you can find a permanent stock.

Our sellers, technicians and enginner’s Team always are able to supply a solution at any problem in real time. We are also covered in all our activity by insurance polices with Zurich.

We are equipped with all the necessary means to operate any machine, and the platform wood suitable in order to fix the equipment during its trip.
  • EUROPRESS Quality Control (EQC)
  • Installation
  • Demo and Operating Instructions
  • Warranty
  • Non stop assistance

All our equipment are submitted to a strict quality control (EQC) based on our “know-how” in order to suply a preowned equipment the performances that you would expect from a new one.

We make sales from “as is” conditions with profesional rapport about the machine condition, Standard (Refurbishing) that included professional full cleaning, painting (by hot oven), Checking, Rollers recovering, changing the necessary spare parts follows our customer requirements to Fully Refurbishing, that implies a more deep rebuilding with substancial operation into the machine, that includes change of, grippers and pads, chains, pneumatic, and so on…

In any case, the service given always guarantees excellent results at the impression test of the supplied equipment.

You will also received a permanent attention after sales; installation, operating instructions, demostration, spare part service, warranty service, and our non-stop assistance our always and any time you will find in our team a answer to your needs.