2007 Bobst SP 76 BM


Year: 2007
Excellent condition
Max sheet Size – 560mm x 760mm
High speed, up to 7,000 sheets per hour
Machine working hours – very low
Bobst C.U.B.E Foilmaster operating system
Hologram registration
Can be viewed in operation

• Bobst operating system C.U.B.E. (Control Unit Bobst Electronic).
• Quick lock centre line
• Sheet slow-down device ensuring a smooth arrival against the front lays
• Double sheet control
• Antistatic device sheet feeding.
• Main motor with frequency converter control
• Autotransformer

• Upper heated head with 12 independent heating zones
• Honeycomb chase x 2
• Cutting chase x 1
• Equipment centring and locking
• Locking of the chase against the upper beam
• Gripper bar chain slip clutch

• 3 foil unwinders
• 2 foil advance shafts
• Lateral brush foil removal system
• Blower for stabilising the sheet before stamping
• Blower for releasing the foil after stamping
• Lateral guiding device for foil

Machine Feeder / Delivery
• Pile sheet delivery tray
• Delivery non-stop conveyer
• Delivery adjustable rear and side joggers with centre line marks
• Brush/tablet hold down device
• Feeder head adjustable side blowers
• Feeder – Manual lateral correction of pile during production
• Sheet hold down device (guiding the sheets to the front lays)





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